Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome Back Marshal Spector!

Welcome Back Marshal!

Question: How did you get into family law?

Answer: I moved to Oregon in 1990 after practicing law on the east coast for a few years. I was introduced to many lawyers around town, and had lunch with Ron Gevurtz and Albert Menashe. Albert liked my tie and hired me.

Question: What's the best part about being a family law lawyer?

Answer: The best part of being a family law lawyer is being able to combine my skills, experience and personality in helping clients through a difficult time in their lives. I believe that being a good family law lawyer combines technical proficiency, common sense, and caring about people.

Question: What's the worst part?

Answer: The worst part of being a family law lawyer is that I can't change facts and can't change the past – I am challenged to help my clients with difficult situations as they exist. Also, we can't change people (i.e., my client, the other party, or their attorney) and can only do our best to work in a productive manner toward resolution..

Question: What do you bring to Gevurtz Menashe?

Answer: I learned to practice family law at Gevurtz Menashe beginning in 1990. I "grew up" here and was fortunate to learn how to practice family law "the right way" from Gevurtz Menashe lawyers. I believe in giving back and, after being a family law lawyer for 23 years, I am able to handle all types of divorce cases, complex financial matters, custody disputes, etc. and am dedicated to devoting time to assisting and mentoring other lawyers in the firm. I received a lot of help along the way and believe in giving back.

Question: What does Gevurtz Menashe bring to you??

Answer: Gevurtz Menashe brings me a sense of family and the ability to consult and collaborate with 24 other lawyers as part of the finest family law firm to best assist our clients.

Question: If you could enact, change, or remove any law, what would it be?

Answer: I would try to provide more certainty in the law about the range of spousal support that people would pay or receive.

Question: What's a typical weekend like in the Spector home?

Answer: I have three children, ages 22, 20 and 18 and my wife has 20-year-old twins, so our weekends vary greatly if any (and depending on how many) of them are home from college. When they are here, we spend time with them. When they are not, we enjoy having dinner with friends, going to Blazer games and the theater, exercising together and falling asleep while trying to get through an entire movie at home. My wife and I are both involved in various charitable and community activities, and often attend related events over the weekend.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gevurtz Menashe is excited to announce our Super Lawyers for 2013!

Gevurtz Menashe is excited to announce our Super Lawyers for 2013! This year we welcome new faces and new honors.

Top 10 Oregon Lawyer (#2 Super Lawyer in Oregon): Albert A. Menashe

Top 25 Oregon Women Lawyers: Julia Hagan and Robin Wright.

Top 50 Oregon Lawyer: Eric C. Larson

Oregon Super Lawyers also honored these Gevurtz Menashe attorneys for 2013: Dylan Cernitz, Associate, Craig Cowley, Associate, Robert Demary, Shareholder, Saville Easley, Shareholder, Zach Fruchtengarten, Shareholder, Bill Howe, Shareholder, Mark Johnson Roberts, Of Counsel, Shawn Menashe, Managing Shareholder, Kathryn Root, Of Counsel, Alex Sutton, Shareholder. New faces to the firm are also honored this year by Super Lawyers: Marshal Spector, Of Counsel and Steven Zipper, Shareholder.

And last, but not least, we are excited to announce our newest "Rising Stars", John Christianson, Of Counsel, and Tiffany Jensen, Associate!

Congratulations to everyone! 75% of our attorneys made a peer-endorsed list of "bests" in their practice area. Feel confident that at Gevurtz Menashe your family law challenge is in the hands of a group of true professionals.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shareholder News: Alex P. Sutton

Shareholder News: Alex P. Sutton

This year Alex P. Sutton became a Gevurtz Menashe shareholder. Alex has been with the firm since 2004. His practice focuses on a broad range of family law issues, including divorce, custody and parenting time, domestic violence, military divorce, third party rights and same-sex marriage issues. He has been named a Super Lawyer Magazine Rising Star since 2009. Recently he became a 2013 Oregon Super Lawyer. Sutton received his Bachelor of Arts from Oregon State University and his Juris Doctorate from Willamette University School of Law. Congratulations Alex!

Read more about Alex Sutton HERE.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Oregon's Revised Child Support Guidelines - What You Need to Know

For anyone paying or receiving child support in Oregon, be aware that significant changes to the Child Support Guidelines became effective July 1, 2013. These guidelines are used to determine how much money parents should contribute as child support for their children's care. By federal law, every four years each state must conduct a review to ensure their child support formula results in appropriate orders. This time around one of our own attorneys, Kelly Evans, served on the Guidelines Advisory Committee. The Committee was tasked with making recommendations for the new guidelines. It included twenty representatives of the bench, bar, academia, partner agencies, and the Child Support Program. GMLH is proud of the hard work and long hours put in by Kelly and the Committee. Here are a few highlights of the new guideline changes:

(1) Medical Coverage: The guidelines now allow the parent who has more parenting time to choose which health plan will be used if healthcare coverage is available to both parents. If the parents have equal parenting time but cannot agree on a policy, the policy with the lowest out of pocket premium will be chosen. An order for cash medical support is no longer required as long as one parent is providing healthcare coverage for the children at the time of the order. Cash medical support will only be ordered when neither parent has healthcare coverage available. The monthly cost for the health insurance premium is now shared between the parents proportionate to their incomes as part of the child support calculation.

(2) New Parenting Time Credit: The old guidelines required that a parent have 92 overnights per year with their child (a 25% threshold) before they were given any credit under the financial support calculation. The new guidelines do not require a threshold number of overnights. A percentage of the credit is awarded beginning from the first overnight, using a graduated curve. This creates low credit amounts for lower numbers of overnights and closer to equal credits toward 50% overnights. It is hoped that eliminating a threshold number of overnights before the parenting time credit kicks in will reduce the number of heated arguments over adding or deleting "just one more" overnight.

(3) Child Attending School: The new guidelines specify that a "child attending school" (essentially an 18 – 21 year old who is still successfully in school) is not included in the calculation used to determine the parenting time credit. Under the previous guideline rules, the child attending school was treated similarly to his minor-aged siblings for parenting time credit calculation purposes. The new rule applies unless the child is 18-years old, attending high school, and still living with a parent. The final support amount is still divided between all the parties' children, including any who qualify as a child attending school.

(4) New Income: The previous guidelines presumed that for child support calculation purposes a parent was capable of earning full time minimum wage if unemployed, employed less than full-time, or when there was no evidence of any income. The new guidelines start with actual income and then add potential income where the parents' earning's history and present ability support it, based on opportunities available in the community. There is a default to minimum wage only when there is no information about the parent's wage history.

We at Gevurtz Menashe are expert at traversing the Oregon child support guidelines. We welcome the opportunity to help your family navigate through the stress of establishing or modifying child support.

Written by Paige De Muniz, Associate.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Firm Update from the Managing Shareholder

Firm Update from the Managing Shareholder

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It’s been an exciting summer for our firm! Six months ago we settled into our new Portland office space in Old Town, as well as a new location in downtown Vancouver. At both offices, we continue to collaborate as a team and deliver positive results for our clients. After a few celebratory open houses and a little time to settle in, we have experienced exceptional growth these past months and are quickly filling our space with new attorneys and staff.

In July, we welcomed back Marshal Spector as Of Counsel. Marshal began his Oregon legal career with the firm in 1990 and brings 23 years of experience in Oregon family law cases. We’re very pleased to have him back. We also greeted Lewis and Clark undergraduate, Haley Flora as our new summer intern.

In August, as an added benefit to our clients, we welcomed new Shareholder, Steven Zipper and Of Counsel, John Christianson to represent our new estate planning, probate and trust administration practice. It is our intention to provide estate planning services to our current clients or those who do not already have estate planning representation.

We rounded out September with the addition of two new family law Associates: Catherine Barker and upon admittance to the Oregon State Bar, C.J. Graves. Catherine is an Oregon native, recently relocated from Kansas and C.J. is a new graduate from Lewis & Clark Law School. We’re thrilled to welcome them to our team!

It’s been a pleasure working with you and your clients this year, and we look forward to a wonderful fall season. Please give us a call or stop by our new office in Old Town anytime!

Shawn Menashe, Managing Shareholder